HB 1530 – Cap and Trade Bill

Dear Chamber Members,


The Oregon Legislative Session is into its second week and HB 1530 – the Cap & Trade Bill – is expected to pass the Senate Environment & Natural Resources Committee this week and be sent to the Ways & Means Committee.


While this is very short notice, I have asked that a discussion item be added to the Chamber Meeting Agenda for tomorrow, February 11th.


While the North Plains Chamber does not take a position on candidates, should the Chamber consider a position on the Cap & Trade Bill?


Attached is information on the Bill which will also be available at the meeting. You can also check out these websites for more information:


            Oregon Public Broadcasting: https://www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-cap-and-trade-democrats-ideas-hb-2020/

            Oregon Statesman Journal:  https://tdn.com/news/state-and-regional/oregon-republicans-say-cap-and-trade-bill-worse-after-amendments/article_8eef3849-8fe8-5aef-a9d8-705fdf15be43.html

            East Oregonian: https://www.eastoregonian.com/opinion/editorials/our-view-voters-deserve-to-have-final-say/article_15fb6962-4902-11ea-916d-a7a4ea91ccc4.html

            Pamplin Media: https://pamplinmedia.com/scs/83-news/451531-368056-climate-activists-take-their-case-to-state-capitol-

            Willamette Week: https://www.wweek.com/news/state/2020/02/05/is-the-second-time-the-charm-for-oregon-democrats-carbon-dreams/

Events Committee



The Chamber is re-forming the Events Committee and this will be the first meeting to discuss the types of events for 2020.


We are looking for ideas and suggestions and your attendance is not a commitment to be on this Committee.


Please RSVP by Return E-mail.





This is an open meeting and all are invited to attend.


Location:  North Plains Senior Center

31450 NW Commercial Street, North Plains, Oregon

Time:         6:00 pm




Purpose of the Committee – The Events Committee exists to create opportunities for Chamber membership to interact, network, and build relationships.  Additionally, the events are designed to increase visibility for our membership, foster involvement in the North Plains Chamber and business community, provide opportunities for business referrals, and cultivate professional development and growth.


  1. Call to Order. All Attendees please sign in.

  1. Review the Events in 2020.
    • Second Quarter (Apr-May-Jun) After Hours Event.
    • Ground Breaking for North Expansion Area.


  • Ice Cream Social Tent.
  • Third Quarter (Jul-Aug-Sep) After Hours Event.
  • Elephant Garlic Festival Tent.
  • 2020 Casino Night.
  • Fourth Quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec) After Hours Event.
  • Holiday Kick-off Event.

  1. Review other possible Events in 2020.
  • G-4 Archery Grand Opening. .
  • Ground Breaking for Taco Bell.

  1. Set Next Meeting Date.

  1. Adjournment.

The Future of City Facilities Community Meeting

The City of North Plains is interested in what you think about the future of the City Facilities, such as city hall, public works facilities, etc.

Share your thoughts at the first community meeting on the future of the City’s buildings:

Monday, February 3rd

5:30 TO 7:00 PM

Hits the Spot Café
10355 NW Glencoe Road, Unit D
North Plains, OR 97133


Please view and print the attached flyer for your customers and employees.

Community Meeting Flyer

Wauna Federal Credit Union

Wauna Federal Credit Union in Forest Grove will soon be the Chamber’s newest Business Member.

Below is the invitation to their Grand Opening Celebration at their new office at 3532 Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove.

 Thursday, January 30, 2020
10:00am – 5:00pm

Attached is a pdf file that you can print and post for your customers and employees.

Grand Opening Flyer

Ski & Ride for a Cure Flyer

Fundraiser for Ski & Ride for a Cure



SPRINGER BODY & PAINT invites you to join them for a

Fundraiser for Ski & Ride for a Cure

February 22nd, 10 am- 4 pm


10880 NW Main Street

North Plains, Oregon


We will have local venders that are donating proceeds to this cause. We will be holding a car wash for donations, collecting cans and bottles, as well as a $10 BBQ buffet. Our team, Slop-A-Dope, will be there answering questions and walking you through the donation process. The Ski and Ride for a Cure mascot, Ryder the tiger will also be joining us. Please post the attached flyer for your customers and employees.


We will be setting up a memorial for any and everyone to come and add their loved ones to. This memorial will be on the front window of Springer Body & Paint for the entire month of February. We would love to share the memories of your loved ones. Also, there will be a locked donation box outside for those that would like to donate after office hours. (Please make checks payable to Ski & Ride for a Cure).


Thank you so much for taking the time to hear about this amazing cause that we are extremely passionate about. We’ve put together a team of skiers/boarders to compete at the Mt. Hood Skibowl vertical challenge. Our team is very passionate about our community and fighting the good fight against cancer and serious childhood diseases.


The vertical challenge is a 24-hour ski/snowboarding event hosted by Ski & Ride for a Cure and is the first weekend in March. Each year attend this event, we work hard to reach our annual event goal of 60k. Unfortunately, this year might be the last event due to lack of sponsors, donations and participants.


This is a great fear of ours for many reasons. One significant reason is the cause itself. Ski and Ride for a Cure raises funds to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Children’s Cancer Association located in Portland. The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic disease through research and treatment. At the Children’s Cancer Association, they believe all kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or at the very least, short, wonderful lives. That’s why their

programs leverage music, nature, friendship, and resources to create transformative moments of joy for

families facing cancer and other serious illnesses.


The other reason is the experience. We are all working community members of North Plains and surrounding areas. Each year, we count down the days to the event because we want to raise donations and ride in hopes to make a difference.


The event itself is a magical experience…


As soon as you arrive, you are touched by so many people that have joined forces to raise money for an amazing cause. Each face has a story and tears will most definitely be shed. This event brings peace, courage, and unity unlike any other event us and many others have seen. The only true way to understand the beauty of this event is to experience it and hear each individuals reason “why”.


I would like to share two of our team members reasons with you now;


Devin Jenkins have been involved with Ski & Ride for a Cure since 2009. Here is his story:


Devin Jenkin’s close friend Andrea’s daughter, Kelsey Ranea was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of two. During the next couple years, Devin helped with Kelsey’s care. There were countless trips to the emergency room and numerous long nights spent comforting Kelsey as she endured the pain caused by cancer. On December 12th, 2009, Kelsey gained her angel wings and now plays with other children in heaven without pain or suffering.


Shortly after Kelsey’s passing, Devin came across a Ski & Ride for a Cure event at Mt. Hood Skibowl on social media and has been involved ever since. Giving back, helping those fighting cancers and his love for snowboarding motivated Devin to participate. His first year, Devin raised over 2000.00 dollars and rode for 19.5 hours straight.


We asked Devin why he supports our organization. He replied, “HOTS (formally named “Hope on the Slopes”) has been an amazing experience for me. The staff, participants, volunteers, and shared stories is what makes HOTS an awesome program. I look forward too many more years supporting HOTS and such a great cause”. Devin will be joining us at Mt. Hood Skibowl this year.


Crystal Jenkins has been involved with this event since 2018. This is her story:


There is a peace that comes from an event like this. Seeing so many people work hard to keep a dream alive. The dream to one day forget the pain left by cancer. This time of year means so much to me. I find new hope every time my husband and I are at the Ski and ride for a Cure event. New hope for a better tomorrow.


March 26, 2016. I held my grandfather…my biggest fan… my person… as he took his last breath.  Those last moments with him will never be forgotten. Watching him as he transitioned into peace and no longer had to fight the cancer that filled his body with so much pain. I love you so much grandpa…. I miss you…I do this for you grandpa….


Cancer is the most heartbreaking experience to watch a loved one suffer from. It’s one of those silent fears. You hope and pray it never touches your life. Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that your life will be impacted by it in one way or another. This is why we do it. We can’t all be superhero’s, but together we can give new hope and make a difference.  Today I shed tears because I miss you grandpa…tomorrow I shed tears of joy and hope for a better tomorrow.


We do it for hope.


We do it for love.


We do it for our loved ones now watching over us.


This is more than a fundraiser to us. Each day we walk with the pains and scars left behind from disease and cancer. Each day we fight to try to keep another innocent child from the pain and the mental anguish this disease causes. We just want to save a life or two in the only way we know how.


Contact Information:


Aimee Hall

Springer Body & Paint

P. 503.647.2971 F. 503.647.1119



Australian Animal Rescue Project

Australian Animal Rescue Project ~Information shared from Dale Wilhelm & Debbie Brodie

Dale Wilhelm, our library volunteer and a Library Craft Guild member is asking us to join a world-wide effort being put forth by those who knit, crochet, and sew to create pouches and snuggly housing for the displaced and orphaned animals in Australia that have been affected by the wildfires there.

Dale is preparing a binder of simple patterns for various items made by various means that will be available within the next few days at the North Plains Public Library for you to photocopy. Simply ask the staff for the binder.

We hope many of you will be interested in joining this effort. Dale will be our contact for gathering finished items and getting them to our Pacific Northwest regional hub. She can be contacted at dalewilhelm@att.net.

Thanks, Everyone, for considering participation in this worthwhile effort!  ~Debbie, Craft Guild Leader

Washington County Museum is now Five Oaks Museum

Introducing the oldest new museum in the Pacific Northwest: Five Oaks Museum

Most recently known as the Washington County Museum, this vibrant history, art, and culture museum has taken many forms over its 64 year history. From its origins as a small affiliate group of early Euro-American settler descendents, it grew to take shape as the Washington County Historical Society in 1956. The organization was absorbed into Washington County services in 1975. By 1986 it had moved to its location on the Portland Community College Rock Creek campus and grown into the independent non-profit museum it is today. Now the museum greets the new decade with a new name, a new website, and a fresh outlook.

“This change is part of our work to keep pace with the dynamic communities we serve,” say Co-Directors Molly Alloy and Nathanael Andreini. “The identity of Washington County has long been that of innovation, perseverance, and cultural exchange. To protect that legacy is not to stand still, but to find brave pathways forward that demonstrate the museum’s continued dedication to those histories as past, present, and future.”

The communities around the Museum are growing and the cultural landscape is more complex than ever. The Museum needed a name that reflects the complexity of the community onto the national and international stage as well as in the digital realm, yet kept a strong connection to place. The historic Five Oaks site has been a place of gathering, exchange and preservation in this valley for centuries. The site of five prominent oak trees has been a culturally significant gathering place for over 500 years. First maintained in traditional ways by the Kalapuyan peoples, who would return annually in their seasonal round, the site has survived the subsequent eras of trading, settlement, agriculture, industry and suburbanization. It is a place that embodies the kind of layered histories with multicultural relevance that the museum is interested in featuring.

“In becoming Five Oaks Museum in 2020,” say Andreini and Alloy, “we embrace those deep roots as we do our part to move history forward.”

A new look for the museum accompanies the name change. In the new logo, the five is modern and graphic, expressing relevance in cutting edge cultural production. But the colors are grounded and complex, alluding to fertile soil and the camas flower. The three shapes indicate the aspects of the oak tree that they strive to emulate – the resilient, sturdy trunk; the welcoming shelter of the canopy; and the invisible life-giving root system that holds it all up.

The new site, www.fiveoaksmuseum.org, expresses the energy that is carrying the museum forward. Follow them on all updated social media as well:
Facebook: Five Oaks Museum

Instagram: @fiveoaksmuseum

Linkedin: Five Oaks Museum

Twitter: @fiveoaksmuseum

Youtube: Five Oaks Museum

Five Oaks Museum: Moving History Forward

For 64 years, Five Oaks Museum, a private nonprofit organization, has worked to preserve the artifacts and narratives that define the Tualatin Valley’s unique place in the world. By collaborating with others to explore how art, culture and history shape the past and influence the future, Five Oaks helps visitors connect to a collective local history made up of community voices and the important stories they tell. The museum is ADA accessible.

Five Oaks Museum is open to the public Wednesdays through Fridays from noon to 4pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

For admission, memberships, events and more:

visit www.fiveoaksmuseum.org

email info@fiveoaksmuseum.org

call (503) 645.5353