Our Chamber Member, Salena Griffith, has been working on gifts for children with cancer (and their families) in Doernbecher Hospital. We are only two weeks from Christmas and she still needs some assistance. If you, or any of your employees or customers, can help, please contact Salena by call or text 503-936-7935 or email 

Please let her know what you’ll be purchasing ASAP and she will remove it from the list so it’s not doubled.

  • Below is a list of items really needed.
  • Size 8 women’s tennis shoes
  • Size 3 girls SOFT Nike tennis shoes
  • Size large woman’s Hurley hoodie
  • Size 11 New Balance men’s tennis shoes
  • Self-care items for a mom
  • 32gig memory card
  • Baking basket with whisk, parchment, silicone baking mat, baking spoons and spatulas, and other baking supplies
  • Large women’s coat
  • Medium/large women’s coat
  • Women’s size 6 boots
  • Men’s black winter coat size medium
  • Men’s shoes size 8
  • King  size comforter
  • Ryan’s world (YouTube character) stuff
  • Musical toys for a 2 year-old
  • 2 sets of wireless headphones for 14 and 16 year-olds
  • Nintendo 3ds games
  • Soccer items for 7 and 8-year olds
  • How to Train Your Dragon/toothless toy