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The North Plains Chamber was incorporated in September, 1986, with just a handful of Members.  The primary purpose was to unify the North Plains business community and to encourage the development of more businesses to meet the needs of residents in and around the City. The community also needed a local, viable organization as a point of contact for information regarding the North Plains Community.

Over the past 30 years, the Chamber has adapted to the changing needs of the business community. They started as an event-oriented organization, bringing recognition to the community through establishing North Plains Days, the Elephant Garlic Festival, the Annual Ice Cream Social, the City’s Centennial Celebration and 4th of July event, to name a few.  The Chamber was an incubator for a local newspaper and now assists with the marketing of the North Plains Farmers Market Organization. Now that all of the events have been spun off to other organizations, the Chamber is focusing on the economic development of the community and helping the City attract new businesses.

The North Plains Chamber is very active in your community. There are many things that are happening to enhance the business environment. Certainly not everything will help to propel your business to some new level of corporate utopia, but many things will indeed create steps for you to get there. Whether through business-to-business networking or taking advantage of all the work going on behind the scenes (government lobbying, member discounts, strategic planning), the Chamber can only be as strong as the many voices it represents.

You can help to build a strong Chamber in your community. Your involvement does not have to translate to a major time commitment. Simple responses to a Member survey will often be enough to decide how the community stands on important issues. Attending the monthly Chamber lunches will be an hour well spent in keeping you up to date on community issues. The Chamber can help represent you and your business investments in the community through your participation.

Chamber Members represent virtually every kind of company and organization. This diversity empowers the Chamber to speak as a united voice for the North Plains-area business community. We also offer benefits that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Your business information is on the Chamber website 24/7 with a link to your business site.
  • Your business activities can be published through the Chamber’s email contacts and posted on the Chamber Events calendar on the website and on the Chamber’s Facebook page.
  • Your business news such as awards, new employees, new products/services and events can be announced at Chamber Membership meetings and sent to the entire North Plains business community.
  • Your company brochure or business card will be displayed at the two Visitor Center locations within the City, and at any special event where the Chamber provides a temporary Visitor Center.
  • Your retail, restaurant or entertainment attraction business is displayed on the Washington County Visitor Association website, and on the visitor kiosks located in all Washington County visitor centers and major hotels.
  • Your business information can be included in the North Plains Welcome Packets which are distributed to all new residents.
  • Continuing education in our local and state legislative issues specific to business.
  • The Chamber will be one voice for the concerns of Chamber Members regarding legislation for local, state and federal issues.
  • Monthly informational speakers at Membership meetings expanding your knowledge of business operations and the community.
  • Your documents notarized free of charge, by appointment, by a local Chamber Member.
  • You will have networking opportunities at every monthly Membership meeting and through events such as Business Night Out, Ribbon Cuttings, Ground Breakings, and tours of local businesses. In addition, Chamber Members always receive an invitation to events at other organizations in the area.
  • You may request a list of current Chamber Members, either postal mailing or emailing, to include in your marketing programs.
  • You will receive invitations for educational opportunities through our Chamber partners throughout Washington County.
  • Your job openings can be displayed on the Chamber website.
  • You have access to business discounts from other Chamber Members especially for North Plains Chamber Members offering ‘Hot Deals’ on the Chamber website.
  • You can ask for bulk brochures of the community to distribute to your customers and suppliers.
  • Your business will receive a Chamber Member plaque and window sticker to display at your business along with a Chamber name tag for you or your main contact person. Additional name tags are available for purchase.

Legislative Connections:
The Chamber keeps Members up-to-date on legislation at both the city, county and state level. Whether it’s the truck route, a zoning change, or other public policy issues, the Chamber is there to represent the business community and voice its concerns. The Chamber serves to educate the local business community concerning governmental business issues and build relationships with elected officials. The Chamber will voice the concerns of the Chamber Members regarding legislation for local, state and federal issues. The Chamber continually works with the City elected officials and staff to manage growth and promote the economic health of the City of North Plains.  The Chamber is also available to assist area businesses with problems which can only be solved through a legislative process, whether City, County or State. Whether a business needs guidance on the correct methods for working with our government or testifying on your behalf, the Chamber Board and Members have a significant depth and breadth of knowledge from which to draw.

Development Connections:
The Chamber encourages the growth of existing companies and works to attract new business to North Plains.  No matter what size your business, working through the government’s development or re-development process can be complicated.  Many of our Chamber Members participate in City or County planning, or have been through the process before.

Networking Connections:
The Chamber is the place to rub elbows with people on the leading edge of the North Plains-area business community. We sponsor numerous networking events each year, mainly held at our Members’ establishments, including various Business After Hours evenings. We give you opportunities to meet, mingle and do business with fellow Member organizations, City and County officials and staff, and other County organizations.  Knowing your neighbors helps with business referrals and learning the right people to call when assistance is needed.

The North Plains Chamber is a member of the Oregon State Chambers of Commerce and the Washington County Chambers of Commerce Partnership.  Networking and marketing opportunities are available to your business through these relationships.

Marketing Connections:
Opportunities abound for Chamber Members to promote their businesses and expose their message to both the rest of the Membership and the larger community. All Members receive free listings on our Web site. Inexpensive advertising opportunities are available and corporate sponsorships offer excellent exposure and promotional potential. The Chamber also constantly fields calls for referrals, and we promote our Members first. Other benefits available exclusively to Chamber Members is the opportunity to purchase our mailing list, so Members can directly promote their goods and services to each other, and the option to be included in the Chamber’s welcome package and the Visitor Centers.

Community Connections:
The Chamber is active in the North Plains community, and encourages and supports the volunteer activities of its Members. The Chamber offers free Ground Breaking or Ribbon Cutting for every new business.  Whenever possible, we promote your business through local newspapers, the Chamber website, the Washington County Visitor Association website and kiosk along with our Facebook page.

Committee Connections:
Committees are the heart of a Chamber our size.  Participating in committees is an excellent way to become active in the Chamber and the North Plains community. The Chamber has several standing committees and pulls together ad hoc committees when necessary.  All Members are invited and encouraged to participate on one or more committees.

Discount Connections:
The Chamber’s Member companies like to do business with each other whenever possible to strengthen our local area. A new program to be introduced in 2016 will offer Member-to-Member discounts, available exclusively to Chamber Members. Through these discounts, you can enjoy considerable savings. In some cases, your savings may practically pay for your Membership!

The value of a Chamber of Commerce Membership depends upon one thing: your involvement. The success of events produced brings recognition to local businesses and the City working toward continued business retention and economic development. Your participation in the Chamber helps to build a strong community.

The North Plains Chamber is an active participant in the concerns of the community. We are interested in the continuing economic prosperity of our area and are proud of the involvement of our Members in this endeavor and salute their efforts.

Other cities are actively competing for trade, new industries, new businesses, better housing, better streets, more parking, and everything else that will make them better, more prosperous and more pleasant places in which to live and work. Join us TODAY for a better city TOMORROW.

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If you would like more information about Chamber membership or have questions, please contact us at or 503-647-2207.