New Member Applications

Chamber Membership is available to any business, nonprofit or individual who is interested in the economic development of the North Plains area.  Business Member dues are $100 a year and Individual Member Dues are $25 a year.  There is a one-time processing fee of $35 for a New Business Member and $10 for a New Individual Member.

Dues are pro-rated for New Business and New Individual Memberships during the calendar year. The chart below shows the initial amount of dues to be submitted with new-member applications (processing fee is extra).

Month in which
Membership is
Business Members:
Amount of dues to be
included with application
Individual Members:
Amount of dues to be
included with application
January $91.30 $22.88
February $83.00 $20.80
March $74.70 $18.72
April $66.40 $16.64
May $58.10 $14.56
June $49.80 $12.48
July $41.50 $10.40
August $33.20 $8.32
September $24.90 $6.24
October $16.60 $4.16
November $8.30 $2.08
December $100.00 $25.00

Thereafter, membership will be renewable at the full annual rate. Membership renewal notices are mailed the first week in November, and are due by December 31 each year.

NPCC Dues Structure and Classifications
New Business Member Application
New Individual Member Application

You can fill in the form on your computer, print it out and sign it, or you can print the application and fill it out by hand.  Applications must be signed and mailed to the Chamber along with your check for the appropriate dues and processing fees.

Mailing Address:
North Plains Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 152
North Plains, OR  97133

If you would like more information about Chamber membership or have questions, please contact us at: or 503-647-2207.