Business Assistance

Business Oregon

The State of Oregon offers a variety of programs to assist businesses, both commercial and industrial.  The Business Oregon finance team manages the following loan programs and business services to assist businesses with their financial needs.

Business Retention Program (BRS) is designed to help private sector companies with multi-industry expertise in finance, marketing, operations, turnarounds, restructurings, feasibility studies, etc. Program information


MercyCorp offers microloans from $500-$20,000.  They also offer up to $50,000 for first year operation.  The programs are designed to help economically disadvantaged persons.  Additionally MercyCorps offers business finance and operations training to persons who are interested in starting a new business.

Workforce Alliance

The Workforce Alliance, a group of public Washington County employment and training organizations, provides customized recruitment, training, retention, and outplacement services to meet business needs. They offer business a single point of access to a wide variety of employment services. For information, contact the Workforce Alliance at (503) 533–2946 or

Small Business Development Centers

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) 20 Oregon Biz Centers (SBDC) are located throughout Oregon and provide a variety of services to help small businesses, including:
  • Small Business Workshops: provide information on getting started, financing, marketing, general management, developing a business plan, accounting, and record keeping.
  • Business Advice: free, confidential counseling to small/start–up businesses.
  • Library and Resource Center: contains over 300 business start–up guides, resource material and forms.
  • Specialized Training, including Contractors Management Series – covers educational requirements for registration or renewal of a contractor’s license.  For more information, please contact 503–978–5080 or

Small Business International Trade Center SBITC has experienced professional staff who provide comprehensive services and resources to assist businesses in all aspects of international trade. Some of the services and resources that SBITC provides include:

  • Seminars: Covering topics such as international trade basics to courses on the major activities, disciplines, and functions of exporting.
  • International Business Management Program: A certificate program designed to provide greater awareness and practical knowledge of how to succeed in international business.
  • Counseling: One–on–one assistance to businesses on the techniques, procedures, and strategies of international trade.
  • Market Research Assistance: Education about the export markets and trade practices of foreign countries and assistance in the development of distribution contacts. Contact the Small Business International Trade Center at 503–274–7482.

Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs

Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) OAME is a non–profit organization promoting and developing entrepreneurship and economic development for ethnic minorities in the state of Oregon. Services include: technical assistance, access to capital, matching capability with opportunity, administrative services, and information and networking. For more information, please contact OAME at 503–249–7744 or