Museum After Dark

Museum After Dark

October 26, 2017

Spine-Chilling Thrills as Evidence of Murder Cases Unfolds

“Museum After Dark” promises an evening of ghost hunting and paranormal finds

This year, the Washington County Museum’s beloved annual Halloween-inspired program, “Museum After Dark” features the theme, “If These Walls Could Talk.”
Join us for ghost hunting, workshops, and tasty drinks as we learn what paranormal
investigators have found at the Museum's Old Log Jail during a recent investigation. At least two men were known to have died within the jail's walls between 1853 and 1870... And now, for the first time in Museum history, they have a chance to come back and tell their stories!
Museum curator Liza Schade promises, “The Museum will feature a display of macabre artifacts from deep inside our darkened vaults. We will show evidence from two different murder cases, plus our infamous wicker body casket, and other items that will make you cringe!”
Washington County Museum at PCC Rock Creek Campus
17677 NW Springville Road
Portland, OR 97229

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