North Plains Community Facebook Page

The North Plains Chamber has created the North Plains Community Facebook page with Chamber Members as Administrators. This page is not affiliated with the City of North Plains or its employees.

The Admins are all volunteers and help to run this page solely out of the goodness of their hearts. The goal is to keep the community informed on events, history, local meetings and happenings in our town, along with healthy and constructive conversations between all of us. These are your friends, neighbors, teachers, gas attendants, waitresses and business owners.

Let’s be exceptionally helpful, lead with respect, and grow our amazing community in a positive way. Please read and follow these rules to continue to be a part of the group:

  • There are rules implemented to make everyone’s life here easier. They are as follows:
  •  No spamming with multi-leveling marking posts or click bait.
  • Slandering a specific person or small local business is highly frowned upon and can/will result in a muting or ban.
  • Small businesses in our area feel free to post once per day if it applies to you. Local farms included.
  • Please refrain from publicly shaming people unless you have filed a police report and are actively searching for a vehicle/person.
  • Politics are fine if they are local to our area.
  • Make it a goal to positively impact your community online and in person.
  • PLEASE feel free to share history, stories, photos, events in town, and any other information that may be beneficial to the community.
  • Look at the list of Admins and find one with whom you will be comfortable. When it comes time to tag an Admin, use your tagging power if you think a post should be examined.
  • PM (private message) your Admin of choice if you’re iffy on what it is you’re posting. They can reassure you if it is page appropriate or not.
  • Garage sale posts are fine but personal sales (like classified ads) are not.
  • Freedom of speech does not apply to Facebook groups, period.
  • Try to keep the content related to North Plains or our general area (Forest Grove, Helvetia, Cornelius, Banks, Hillsboro).

Thank you, everyone!